My name is René Michalke, I am a computer science undergraduate and I love to program.
Here is some of my work.

2D Game Engine

2D Game Engine A work-in-progress Javascript 2D Game Engine.

Features: Parallax Scrolling of Backgrounds, Camera Interpolation, Double Buffering, Simple Collision Detection, Input Handling, Animations with Spritesheets

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Note: Best performance with Chrome / Chromium

A Snake Game

A Snake Game written in Javascript.
Currently only works in Chrome.

Controls: Enter, Arrow Left, Arrow Right, Arrow Up, Arrow Down


Remich Bookmarks

Remich Bookmarks is a website bookmarking tool which runs as a webapplication.
It works across browsers and you are not bound to one single webbrowser when accessing and managing your bookmarks.

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VLC Extension: Playlist Terminator

A VLC Extension that removes the last played item from the playlist. Written in LUA.


Pocketwatch A simple clock written in Javascript.